Currently Engineering for Bob Weir’s Tamalpais Research Institute “TRI”. Rick’s spent the last ten years recording and mixing in professional studios in the bay area. The last five years he’s mixed live hybrid studio quality session in a live setting for TRI. His mixes could be heard across the globe weekly. Most recent projects are with Bob Weir, Pete Townshend, Jonathan Wilson, Jackie Greene, Sammy Hagar and Slightly Stoopid with past credits with DJ Shadow, Santana, Stanley Jordan and Journey. Going with the nickname “Rolemodelrick” he’s shown a strong growth into the industry the past few years contributing to several releases, one grammy nominated this year.  His newest position is at Sweetwater Music Hall venue, mixing the broadcast . He also obtains a B.A. in Audio science from E’xpression College of digital arts. Rick’s mentors consist of Ari Rios of Laughing Tiger Studios. John Cutler “Grateful Dead”, Dave Simon Baker and Howard Johnson to name a few.

“From experiencing methods from the past and present I feel I can deliver both a sonically warm natural recording while meeting the needs of budgets and time constraints. Finding a fast pace engineer who can deliver a quality recording is in high demand these days. Being completely immersed in modern day technology via Pro-Tools/editing/tuning while knowing how to manage a large format console is what keeps me at a professional level. I’ve had some great teachers and understand the importance of maintaing quality in work and meeting the artist expectations”.



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