Members of WAR came by TRI for the day. Our good friend Pancho who also plays for PHILM got the group to stop by and create some new songs on the spot. It was a great experience to record them and hear similar sounds of WAR. Watch a clip of one of the tunes! On drums I used a C24 on overheads. A D112 and C12 for Kick. M81 and 441 on Snare and M81 and 421 for Toms. Shure and Royer for guitars and 414 for Bass. Mike Mcginn mixed the web streams so enjoy!

The National with Bob Weir

Possibly our best show to date. The very talented band “The National” and Bob Weir rehearsed for two days prior to the show to learn each others material. Both video and audio teams worked very hard to bring a solid production to the audience of Yahoo.com. Over 2.5 million views and counting have seen the performance. Myself and Brad Dollar engineered the show. Being this was a larger set-up we used more dynamic vocals microphones and stayed away from large caps to prevent excessive bleed. Bob will in almost every scenario be using a Telefunken C12 for vocals. We love this on his vocals and being a studio environment we can get away with it. 409 and royer 121 on Weir’s guitar. Tele 251 on piano. Tele 260 on overheads on drums. Most traditional choices on rest of instrumentation. Shure and senheiser for drums and guitar amps. The broadcast was mixed from Ratdogs very own Mike Mcginn. Mixed with our API vision console, 2500 and Aurora lynx converter before reaching the viewers. A outstanding mix and performance from the staff at TRI.